I'd like to apologize...

I'd like to start the day with an apology...

I wake up between 0230 and 0300 most mornings. I say "most" because there are times when I go out... and wake up late... or I watch some sort of awards show and kick a couple bottles of Pinot Noir and pass out on the couch and that can lead to me running late...

This morning, however, I got up early and decided to shower... and shave my head.

Shaving my head is a bit of a process, and so, I usually play some sort of music while I shave. Normally, I have Apple Music just play a song at random...

... and this morning, it was Bubba Sparxxx, Ms. New Booty. You can see the video - and hear the song - above.

It's probably not the best song choice for the 0300 hour of the morning. Or middle of the night.

So, I'd like to start the day with an apology to my neighbors. Especially if you woke up after dreaming about this lost 2000's hip hop song.

I'm sorry.

Love, Toby

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