Movers Accidentally Destroyed a $200k Piano

When you move there is alway the fear that something will not...make it it. In this case, movers dropped a rare and expensive grand piano belonging to one of the world’s leading pianists.

Canadian musician Angela Hewitt shared the destruction of her F278 Fazioli — worth an estimated $200,000 — in a Facebook post.

Hewitt said Fazioli Pianos’ founder, Paolo Fazioli, and his staff had inspected the damaged instrument ― which she’d used in numerous concerts and every European recording session since 2003 ― but found its broken iron frame, lid and case to be “not salvageable.”

The movers were “mortified,” said Hewitt, who plans to use another Fazioli piano for an upcoming summer festival in Umbria, Italy, before getting a new one of her own later this year.

Source: HuffPost

Photo: Getty Images

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