When Parents Should Worry About Teen's Selfies

We live in a time where selfies rule social media, but is there a point where the parents of teenage girls should get concerned about their child's selfie-taking habits?

A new study from the University of Arizona finds that generally, taking and sharing selfies on social media is not linked to poor body image or appearance concerns. But they did find that selfie editing and time invested in creating and selecting the perfect selfie were both related to self-objectification, which led to body shame, appearance anxiety and more negative appearance evaluations in teen girls.

Study author Jennifer Aubrey says parents should be concerned if they see selfie editing apps or an excessive amount of selfie photos on their child's phone. She adds, "Selfies are a part of the media landscape, but you should post them for reasons other than trying to get people to admire your appearance or your body."

Source: EurekAlert!

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