VA Food Truck Serves Healthy Food for Dogs

Food trucks are very popular in the DMV! But one truck is not for you, on your lunch break, but for your pup!

Ron and Solo Holloway opened Woofbowl, a healthy fast food truck for dogs, in August 2019.

The food truck is so popular that they are booked almost every weekend and have lines around the corner of owners waiting to get their hands on the delicious dog treats.

You can get anything from cheeseburgers beer! And the food is not just good, but good for your pup. Apparently the dog beer is very good for hydration and joints.

Woofbowl is a labor of love for owners Solo and Ron Holloway. Solo is a refugee and Ron is a U.S Navy veteran.

Ron says after leaving the Navy, he suffered PTSD, which is why the two became dog owners in the first place.

Now, they are on a mission to help others keep their pets healthy.

Source: WJLA

Photo: Getty Images

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