MYM: DC Neighborhood Comes Together to Find a Neighbor's Pup

Last month in Washington, D.C., Debi Blaney lost her beloved dog Finn in some neighborhood woods while taking him for a walk.

We were all dealing with coronavirus social distancing, but even while on the walk, Debi was able to ask other neighbors out walking if they had seen Finn chase off down the path. Nobody had. Somehow, Finn had vanished -- and Debi was devastated.

So, she reached out to her neighbors and put up signs.

News of Finn’s disappearance spread. Soon, dozens of people were on a mission to find the dog, including an entire class of second graders. It wasn’t just people keeping their eyes open. Groups and groups of people were actively getting out there, searching.

It all paid off. After five days, someone found Finn two miles from home and was able to lure him back to safety.

Though there were plenty of scary days and sleepless nights during the ordeal, Finn ended up helping neighbors get together and find a reason to talk to each other during these complicated times.

Source: Washington Post

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