Most Parents Believe They Know What Their Kids Will Be When They Grow Up

Seems parents already have that figured out for them. A new survey of parents revealed that 75% say they already know what their child’s career will be when he or she grows up. And just what will that career be? The Top 3, according to the parents surveyed are:

  1. STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) -- 35%
  2. health and wellness -- 32%
  3. food industry – 28%

So how are they ensuring their kids will end up with one of these careers? 80% of the parents surveyed said they are actively “future-proofing” their kids by making sure they have all the skills and tools for success.

What parents really don’t want is for their kids to be stuck inside an office all day. 60% of respondents said they don’t want their children to experience the typical “9-5” office job.

Source: Study Finds

Photo: Getty Images

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