The 7 Steps We All Take When Making a Purchase

Some people put their credit card number 5 minutes after seeing an item online but then there are those who need a little more time.

The typical online purchase involves seven steps which take just over three hours, according to research commissioned by Vision Direct.

Shoppers work through several stages before making a significant buy via the internet, which includes spending at least 35 minutes deciding whether a purchase is absolutely necessary.


1. Deciding on a need for something – 35 minutes

2. An online search for the product you want including social media sites – 33 minutes

3. Reading online reviews and going through recommendations – 29 minutes

4. Narrowing down between brands by comparing to other similar products for price and quality – 31 minutes

5. Share links with friends and family – 14 minutes

6. Getting something into your online or real-life basket – 19 minutes

7. Actually making the purchase – 24 minutes

Total Time – 185 minutes – 3 hours and 5 minutes


Photo: Getty Images

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