Millennial Parents Using Astrology to Raise Their Kids

While some parents do a lot of research about raising children, and others look to their family for help, it seems some Millennial parents are relying on something totally different to guide them through parenting - astrology. 

According to a report in the "New York Post," more and more Millennial parents are looking to the stars for guidance on how to raise their kids. It’s become so popular that in the last year no less than five books on the subject have been released. 

“A lot of parenting guides give one-size-fits-all parenting advice, and kids’ temperaments and needs really do vary according to their charts and their zodiac signs,”Ophira Edut,who wrote “Momstrology: The AstroTwin’s Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars” with her twin sister Tali Edut, shares, “…astrology really helps you understand how to parent your kids individually.”

For example, Noho resident Ariana Martz’s five-year-old daughter, Aurelie Mila is a Pisces, which means they tend to be more sensitive, so she uses a gentler approach when parenting her daughter. “If me or my husband get stern with her in any way, she just gets hysterical,” she shares. “So we really try to work on how to better and more calmly react to her. 

Meanwhile, retired actress Zoë Taylor - Crane’s son Max is an Aries, which means he has a determined and authoritative personality, which can be difficult. “My Aries rules the roost,” she offers. “If he wants that candy, he knows it’s on top of the fridge — I’m not proud to admit it — nine times out of 10, I’ll eventually give in.”

Source:New York Post

Photo: Getty Images

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