An Airline's Flight to Nowhere Now Includes Speed Dating

Meeting someone on a flight and falling in love seems like something that only happens in romantic comedies, but now’s your chance to bring that meet-cute to real life. Taiwanese airline EVA Air is offering a new “flight to nowhere” for singles called, “Fly! Love is in the Air!” It’s a speed dating event where 20 men and women get on a plane for a three-hour ride, then when they land in the same spot they started, they get another two-hour date back on the ground.

EVA Air and travel experience company Mobius are partnering on the flights, which are happening on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. They take off from Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei, Taiwan, then circle in the air for a couple hours before landing back there. Passengers don’t get to pick their seats, they’ll be seated in pairs by the luck of the draw, but the singles will be able to move around and mingle with folks in other rows.

The $295 flights include sampling meals prepared by Michelin-starred chef Motoke Nakamura, and passengers are encouraged to keep their masks on when they’re not eating and drinking. Men on the “faux travel” experience need to be between 28 and 38, while the women must be 24 to 35 and everyone has to be college graduates with citizenship in Taiwan. At the end of the love flights, there’s a “confession section” where the singles share who they clicked with. Based on the response, people are into the idea … the first flight on Christmas Day is already sold out, but there are still spots open for the next two “love flights.”


Photo: Getty Images