#Trending - People Are Shampooing With Birth Control Pills

TikTok is full of videos that entice others to try them out for themselves, and some are harmless, like those tasty-looking whipped coffees that went viral earlier this year. But it’s also loaded with videos of things you should steer clear of, like the birth control shampoo trend people are trying. It has users adding crushed contraceptive pills to their shampoo. Why, you ask? All to try to make their hair grow.

The idea is that high levels of the hormone estrogen in the contraceptives can help them grow fuller, thicker locks and people from around the world are filming themselves testing out the bizarre online trend. TikTok user @uwubrat has been credited with starting the trend in July after hearing advice from her mom and while some users insist she’s “wasting” birth control, plenty of people were eager to try it and some even claim it works. But you can’t believe everything you see on TikTok.

Cosmetic doctor Shirin Lakhani explains that while hormones may play a part in hair growth, crushing up birth control pills and washing your hair with them won’t work. She says, “Hormonal contraceptives are not designed to be absorbed transdermally and the skin is an otherwise impermeable barrier.” So basically, your hair won’t absorb the hormones because the pill wasn’t designed to work like that - you have to swallow them to get the benefits. But if you are trying to encourage hair growth, Dr. Lakhani recommends adding foods high in biotin and vitamin B to your diet, including sweet potatoes, kale, and almonds.

Source:In The Know

Photo: Getty Images