MYM: VA Man Is Cleaning up River Trash on His Paddleboard

Joe Wright is out on the Potomac River every morning, weather permitted...but not to have a relaxing start to his day. Wright is there to collect trash and litter.

The Fairfax County man, who goes by SUP Garbage Man on Instagram, has been collecting trash from the Potomac River since 2019.

Altogether, it takes him about one hour to paddle out and fill a handful of bins with trash.

And this is not his only job. He does this in his free time before he heads to a full-time job where he works 40 hours a week.

His social media account is filled with pictures of the work he's done, and the trash he's collected.

He doesn't give his name and never shows his face. He said he doesn't want recognition.

He's found everything you can imagine from fire extinguishers, motor oil, and a lot of plastic. If you want to learn more about his work you can head to his Instagram!

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Source: WJLA

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