More Zoom Zombies Are Hitting the Road

Can’t believe this needs to be said but do not... do not Zoom and drive. “Zoom Zombies” are apparently the lowkey epidemic inside this pandemic. A new survey has found 54% of drivers admit that videoconferencing right before getting behind the wheel caused them to have trouble concentrating on the road. And for once it’s not the older generations struggling with tech.

The younger generations are the worst when it comes to this Zoom Zombie effect. A whopping 61% of Millennials report losing attentiveness and 65% of Gen Z say the same.So if you needed another reason to stay safe inside and never go out again… there it is.

According to the experts, the cause of this new crop of Zombies is simply that we concentrate really hard on video chats. Psychology professor Stefan van der Stigchel says “attention is a limited resource [and] all of that resource needs to be allocated to a screen [because] it’s really poor VR.”

Your brain is working overtime trying to read people’s body language in a tiny box and block out all the distractions in your house at the same time. It leaves your mind exhausted and not in any shape to drive. So don’t.

Source:Fast Company

Photo: Getty Images