Why You Should Keep Vodka Near the Laundry

Trying to get a weird smell out of your clothes? Well, before you reach for the Febreeze, one laundry expert recommends something unexpected to leave you smelling fresh: vodka. Yes, the alcohol is the fix, according to Patric Richardson, the self-proclaimed “laundry evangelist” and host of HGTV’s new show “The Laundry Guy.”

He swears by vodka to banish unwanted scents because — thanks to its antibacterial properties — vodka can remove odor from pretty much anything and he keeps a spray bottle of it in his shop for that reason. “There’s this wonderful customer that comes to my store, and she always wants to give me a hug, and when she leaves I smell like perfume,” Richardson explains. “I go in the stock room and have one of my salespeople spray me with vodka to take that away.”

In a trailer for his new show, Richardson tells a client, “You need to have vodka in your barandin your laundry room.” But if you’re cringing at the thought of walking around smelling like you just rolled out of a bar, don’t worry. He says the alcohol is odorless when it dries, so you’ll be smelling fresh, NOT boozy.

Source:Apartment Therapy

Photo: Getty Images