MYM: Rockville Athlete Is Heading to the Olympics

Helen Maroulis is getting another chance to bring back the gold to Rockville, MD.

Helen Maroulis is getting another chance to bring the gold back to Rockville, MD. Maroulis solidified her place in the Tokyo Olympics last weekend with a thrilling win over Jenna Burkert.

Maroulis, who won the gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics, pinned Burkert seconds into the deciding match.

The journey to the 2021 Olympics didn't come without some triumphs.

Since winning the Olympic gold medal in 2016. In early 2018 though, Maroulis was diagnosed with a concussion and went into a downward spiral. There was a period of time that Helen believed her wrestling career could be finished. She was even diagnosed with PTSD and was admitted into a mental institution.

Now, 29-years-old Maroulis is in a great place. She’s so excited to have the opportunity to defend her Olympic gold medal this summer in Tokyo. Maroulis is hoping that sharing her personal story will help others in a similar situation.

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Source: WJLA