MYM: We Talk to an 8-Year-Old VA Boy Who Is Helping the Homeless

This is not the first time Zohaib Begg, 8, has helped his community. Last year the Ashburn kid helped tens of thousands of frontline workers during the pandemic.

Zohaib says he’s helped 18,000 front-line workers since April 2020.

This month, he’s shifting his focus to the area's needy and homeless community in the DMV area.

Now that most hospitals have plenty of PPE, he has continued his mission to give back to frontline workers in different ways.

He went from collecting and donating PPE to collecting gift cards and giving them out to those in need.

On April 24, Zohaib distributed 1,000 toiletry kits to children and families in need at the DC, Virginia Ronald McDonald house. In addition, he will distribute these kits to DC homeless encampments.

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You can hear our conversation with Zohaib Begg and his mom, Isma Begg, down below!

Source: WJLA

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