3 Reasons You Are Losing Everything

Has your ability to lose things grown exponentially since the vaccines started rolling out? You’re not the only one. Here is why you might be more forgetful and unorganized right now.

You’re Running On Autopilot. It’s pretty simple really. Your plate is a lot more full than it was even just a month ago. Things are opening, events are happening, work might be picking up… it’s a lot of info for your brain to sort through. This is why psychology professor daniel Schacterrecommends making the most of the time when you are keyed into planning. For example, set reminders on your phone or packing up things in advance. And not two minutes before you have to leave.

You’re Beating Yourself Up Over Your ‘Bad Memory.’ Has telling yourself “I am so dumb” ever made you better at remembering things?Answer: no. Psychology professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne says ragging on your bad memory “becomes a very self-perpetuating cycle, where you're now so mad at having forgotten that you're exploding with anger, and that's going to impair your memory even more.”

Search With Purpose, Not In A Panic. Michael Solomon, the author of “How to Find Lost Objects,” says the first thing to do when you’ve lost something is not “to look for it until you have some idea where to look and are in the proper frame of mind.” When you’re frazzled you’ll just start looking everywhere instead of making a systematic, organized search. Take a few breaths, remember that it’s all going to be okay, and start combing through your house like you were an FBI agent.


Photo: Getty Images