Best Cities to Get Married and Stay Married

They say location is everything and it seems that may be true for marriages, too. Apparently, marital bliss varies from city to city and a new list reveals the best and worst cities for getting and staying married. And based on these results? It looks like you should head to California if you want to stay together. On the list created by LawnStarter, six of 2021’s top 10 cities to get and stay married are in California.

They compared the 150 biggest U.S. cities based on 11 indicators of nuptial success, including the rate of married households, separation and divorce rates, and the number of never-married young people. Based on their rankings, these are the best cities to get and stay married:

1) Fremont, California

2) Jersey City, New Jersey

3) Glendale, California

4) Arlington, Virginia

5) Santa Ana, California

6) Oakland, California

7) Honolulu, Hawaii

8) Santa Clarita, California

9) Washington, D.C.

10) San Francisco, California

And on the flip side, based on this list, you’ll want to avoid Worcester, Massachusetts. Its high rate of divorce and separation landed it in the last place. These are the cities at the bottom of the list:

146) Akron, Ohio

147) Detroit, Michigan

148) Sunrise Manor, Nevada

149) Toledo, Ohio

150) Worcester, Massachusetts


Photo: Getty Images