How To Make Work Friends While Working From Home

And here you thought that being friendly with people you see every day was tough. Bet you never imagined you would have to try and bond with people at work using only your phone and the internet. Here are some tips for all the remote workers out there on how to build strong relationships with coworkers from the comfort of their home office.

Plan It Out. The author of “The Business of Friendship” Shasta Nelson recommends taking time to make a work friends strategy. Start by making a list of coworkers that give you a positive feeling. Next, ask yourself which of those people make you feel seen for who you are. Those are folks that you should concentrate on making your work besties.

Take Action. Since organic conversation went right out the window when you got sent home, you need to make your opportunities for non-work chatter. Schedule a team lunch or organize a pre-work coffee. Hell, you could even just offer to your coworkers to call up and vent about anything they’ve got going on. Make yourself available and hopefully, they’ll take the bait.

Embrace The Awkward. It’s going to feel weird. There’s no way around it. So you might as well embrace it. You’re not in middle school anymore. Friendships don’t just spring out of nowhere. They take, effort, and a heavy dose of awkwardness to come to life. Just acknowledge it and keep on trying. It will get easier!

Source:Fast Company

Photo: Getty Images