After Discovering They’re Dating Same Man, Women Take Road Trip Together

A trio of young women are hitting the road this summer after meeting each other through a shared common interest – they were all dating the same guy. As the story goes, about seven months ago, Abi RobertsBekah King and Morgan Tabor realized their boyfriend was cheating on them...with each other. They broke up with the cheater and became friends and now they’re enjoying an epic road trip together.

Morgan first figured out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with a handful of other women and most of them all thought they were dating him exclusively. After some social media detective work, she connected with Abi and Bekah and they hit it off. After bonding, they decided that instead of trying to get back at the dude, they’d dump a 30-year-old school bus, renovate it and travel across the country together.

They started in Boise, Idaho, and have hit Wyoming and Montana so far, documenting their travels in the BAM Bus - named after their initials - on Instagram and TikTok. The women hope by sharing their story they can encourage and empower others who find themselves in similar situations. “Something we love to share with everyone is just to keep your head up,” Morgan says. “Keep going, you got this!”

SOURCE: Good Morning America

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