Beer Trends That Are Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

The beer industry has over 9,000 breweries across the U.S. and is always trying new ideas and flavors for all beer lovers from sour brews to IPAs and pale ales. Food52 has come up with 5 trends that they think are here to stay for consumers.

  1. Craft Hard Seltzer– seltzer is actually beer under federal regulations but it differs in the way it’s made. It’s basically fermented cane sugar in water versus fermenting wort made with sugar pulled from grains like traditional beer. This allows lower calories and carbs and makes a lighter drink that allows the introduction of other fruits and flavors. Seltzers are becoming more and more popular all of the time and it’s already a multi-billion dollar business so seltzers are here to stay for sure.
  2. Smoothie Beers & Seltzers– a beer drink that is full of sweet additions like vanilla, lactose, chocolate, marshmallow, or fruit and has the consistency of a smoothie. There are also smoothie-style hard seltzers like the poular Smooj brand that has a pulpy style.
  3. Nonalcoholic Beer – lately there have been numerous styles and flavors of nonalcoholic brews from IPAs to fruited sours and coconut stouts. There’s a new technology that uses reverse osmosis membrane filtration that allows the beer to be brewed and fermented like normal before the alcohol is removed, so look for more and more of these products to show up on shelves.
  4. Beer Ice Cream & Slushies– it sounds like a gimmick, but heavily fruited smoothie beers are combined with soft-serve and essentially give you beer-flavored ice cream. Some places are serving this stuff from ICEE machines as well.
  5. Barrel-Aged Stouts– these are full-flavored, syrupy beers that get some of their flavors from bourbon or rum barrels or even bourbon barrels that were formerly used for maple syrup or honey. Often additions such as coffee, vanilla beans, or coconut are added to create intense flavors.

Now you know!


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