#OMG - Mom Adds Pricey Items After Stranger Offers to Pay For Her Groceries

What started as a kind offer of help for a mom at the grocery store turned into an awkward incident for one shopper. In a since-deleted post on Reddit’s “Am I the a-hole” section, the person writes that they were in the checkout line with some coworkers during their lunch break when the mom ahead of them with her young baby didn’t have enough to cover her purchase. So they offered to cover the extra, explaining, “we’ve all been through tough times.”

They write that the mom was “super appreciative” and then asked if she could get one more thing and they told her “no problem.” Her cart was filled with basics like baby food and oatmeal, so the shopper assumed it would be a food staple like eggs. But when she returned with a pricey bottle of wine and prime rib, the once-generous stranger took back their offer. “I declined to pay for that,” they admit, “and said if she wanted a basic staple I was happy to pay for that.” The mom got upset, saying it was a bait and switch, but she checked out without those items and that was that.

Later, the coworkers said they didn’t like what went down, saying it wasn’t their colleague’s place to judge what she was getting once she made the offer. Now this person is conflicted and turned to Reddit to ask if they were wrong here and most users think it was the mom who was out of line.

  • “You don’t consider getting prime and wine if you’re a few bucks short,” one writes. “That was definitely her taking advantage of your kind offer.”
  • “She ABSOLUTELY tried to take advantage of you,” someone else shares.
  • “That lady knew what she was doing,” another posts. “Pretend the card was declined or use an expired card on purpose. Then when a stranger offers to pay, go and grab some gourmet items. Obviously a scammer.”

Source:Cafe Mom

Photo: Getty Images

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