6 Steps to Return to the Office Like a Pro

Do we really need to return to the office? Yes, as about 70% of businesses are planning some sort of return to the office this fall. Ugh! The struggle is real. It was an adjustment when we started working remotely and it’s going to be an adjustment again to remember how to work outside of our homes.

Even if you are no longer going into the office five full days a week, there are still some days you will need to put real clothes on and interact with colleagues IRL. Here are six steps to keep in mind when heading back:

  • Plan your commute, as it is now longer from your bed to your couch.
  • Decide when to WFH, if this is an option for you, strategically plan your days.
  • Be ready to gossip IRL as water cooler talk is back, except likely with masks and six feet distance, meaning your convos may be overheard.
  • Be sure to make it look like you’re working because people can actually see you and what’s on your screen now.
  • Remember to call in “sick” and do NOT go into the office with “just a cold.”
  • Manage your emotions because if you start crying or cursing when in the office, people can see and hear you.


Photo: Getty Images

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