Kids Are Stealing Supplies From School in New Tik Tok Trend

The school year has just gotten started and some students are already stealing school equipment and bragging about it on TikTok. They’re posting videos of the thefts, which they call “devious licks” or “diabolical licks,” in a new trend that’s going viral on the platform

In a since-deleted clip, TikTok user @jadenflick boasts about taking a hands-free paper towel dispenser “only two weeks into school,” and a follow-up video shows the dispenser attached to a wall in someone’s home. Similar videos have flooded TikTok recently, with students claiming to have swiped everything from a box of disposable masks to parts of a toilet to projectors. The trend has even inspired parody videos, with kids posting about “hitting the least diabolical” ones by only taking a paper clip.

Regardless of what they’re stealing, schools are asking students not to get involved in the trend and they’re taking to social media to do it. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT A ‘LICK’ IS?” begins a Facebook post from River Ridge High School in Florida warning parents about the destruction happening at the school. Schools and parent associations in Florida,Georgia, and California are also calling out the trend and asking parents to talk to their kids about the consequences of vandalism.


Photo: Getty Images

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