School Uses Party Bus With a Stripper Pole for a Field Trip

With a shortage of bus drivers causing problems for school districts around the country, a high school in Boston came up with a unique way to make sure their students didn’t miss a field trip. English teacher Jim Mayers shared a picture on Twitter of the party bus the school hired for the trip, complete with neon lighting and stripper poles.

Mayers assured everyone reading his thread that the story was true, but goes on to say “the entire day was in fact a phenomenal experience for all the kids.” According to Mayers, the original bus charter for the field trip fell through halfway through the week, making the party bus the only last-minute alternative available.

due to the national school bus driver shortage, my school has hired a party bus with stripper poles to transport us for a field trip. this is not a drill.
— Jim Mayers (@mayersteach) September 17, 2021


Photo: Getty Images

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