The Fastest and Most Accurate Drive-Thrus in the US

There are many things that divide people today, but one thing all Americans can agree on is the level of frustration brought about by fast-food drive-thrus. Well, QSR Magazine has now released its annual report on the best, most accurate, and fastest drive-thrus in America, so if you want to avoid that frustration listen up.

Chik-Fil-A was awarded the title of 2021’s Drive-Thru Restaurant of the Year, based on the overall satisfaction with their drive-thru experience, but it wasn’t due to speed – more customers and longer lines led to Chik-Fil-A landing in tenth overall when it comes to how fast you received your order.

These five fast-food franchises were found to be the fastest across the country:

  1. Taco Bell
  2. KFC
  3. Carl’s Jr/Hardees
  4. Dunkin’
  5. McDonald's

The average time to get your order within the Top 5 ranged from 5 minutes and 11 seconds at McDonald’s to a mere 4 minutes and 28 seconds at Taco Bell.

Photo: Getty Images

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