You Are Pronouncing IKEA Wrong

When you are young and broke, IKEA seems like the best place ever to get stylish and cheap furniture, even if you have to put it together yourself. And while most of us have been to the Swedish furniture store at one point in our lives, most of us probably don't realize that we’ve all been pronouncing its name wrong for years.

That’s right. The Internet was shocked to discover this week that we’ve all been saying IKEA wrong. The revelation came in a tweet by Los Angeles YouTuber 'Mac Does It' when he shared: “So IKEA is pronounced like (EE-key-uh) not (EYE-key-uh) and no one was gonna tell me?”

And it turns out he’s right, with YouTube tutorials confirming the EE, not EYE, pronunciation. A spokesperson for the company previously confirmed the pronunciation, noting the founder of the company “pronounced it with a typical Swedish accent: 'Eee-KEH-Yah'.'”

But while it may be true, it has shocked folks on social media, with hundreds of people responding to Mac’s tweet in disbelief, although many people noted the incorrect pronunciation was limited to English-speaking countries.

  • “I refuse to believe this,” one person wrote, with another commenting, “Umm what?”
  • A third added, “I''m not gonna pronounce it that way even if that's true."
  • Finally, another noted, “I mean it's a Swedish brand so it makes sense that it isn't pronounced like an English word.”

Source:The Mail

Photo: Getty Images

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