The Best Way to Quit Your Job

People all over the country right now are realizing that for whatever reason, their jobs aren’t worth it. Ain’t nobody got time for a job that isn’t right for them. It’s a phenomenon experts have dubbed “The Great Resignation.” People have been quitting their jobs left and right at record rates!

The truth is that leaving your job isn’t much different than leaving a relationship with a romantic partner. Anthony Klotz, a professor at Texas A&M, made the comparison saying, “as a supervisor, having an employee quit on you can generate a lot of negative emotions, like someone breaking up with you.”

In order to ensure you aren’t burning any bridges, career experts say to follow these tips when quitting a job:

  • Don’t surprise your boss. Take time to schedule a meeting with your supervisor to let them know you’d like to discuss something serious. Allow for a two week notice. Be sure to make this conversation brief but clear.
  • Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Begin your resignation by being grateful for such an opportunity even if you’re dealing with negative emotions. This will soften the blow for everyone. Start with the notification that you are resigning, effective what date, then sprinkle in some gratitude for the experience you’ve had.
  • Create a transition plan. This is your chance to leave on a positive note and a lasting impression. Avoid cutting back on your workload even though it’s tempting to. Also offer to make it a seamless transition for your boss.


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