The Most Popular Insurance Characters and Mascots

Let’s face it, whether it’s for your home, car, apartment, etc, insurance is something that’s really important and something we all need. But it’s also a pretty boring subject, which is why so many insurance companies use funny characters and mascots in their commercials. It’s hard to escape seeing these cast of characters on TV, but does the public have a favorite?

  • Well, believe it or not, a new poll set out to discover which insurance characters are most loved by the public.
  • Turns out, the most beloved insurance mascot is the Geico Gecko, with a 75% favorability rating, with 40% of people saying they “strongly like” the gecko, and 35% saying they “somewhat like him.”
  • Overall, it turns out most people have a favorable opinion of all the insurance characters they see in commercials.
  • Even the most disliked, “Jamie” from the Progressive commercials, had a 52% favorability rating. 

The Nine Most Popular Insurance Characters & Mascots

(Favorability Rating)

  1. Geico Gecko (75%)
  2. Jake from State Farm (69%)
  3. Allstate’s Mayhem (67%)
  4. Farmer’s Insurance’ Professor Burke (67%)
  5. Progressive’s Flo (66%)
  6. Aflac Duck (66%)
  7. Progressive’s Dr. Rick (59%)
  8. Liberty Mutual’s Limu Emu & Doug (54%)
  9. Progressive’s Jamie (52%)

Source:The Harris Poll

Photo: Getty Images

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