Top Financial Regrets Americans Have

The majority of Americans are stressing about their financial situation so much that it’s keeping them up at night, according to new research. The survey of 2-thousand adults reveals the biggest financial regrets people have and how their financial problems affect them.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of TrueAccord, a digital debt collection company, the survey finds:

  • The average respondent owes $3,083 in credit card debt.
  • Three-quarters have made an average of five financial decisions they regret in the last five years.
  • 77% have lost an average of nine hours of sleep a week because of their financial problems.
  • Seven in 10 respondents say they’ve learned from financial mistakes others make.
  • Maintaining a good credit score is important to 84% and 81% say it’s even more important than their social lives.
  • And 76% of those who are working to get out of debt have already planned their “debt free” celebrations for when they do.

The top 10 financial regrets Americans have:

  • Not starting a retirement plan while I’m young 51%
  • Not paying attention to my credit score 43%
  • Buying cheap goods 41%
  • Defaulting on payments and ending up in debt collection 41%
  • Overspending on credit cards that I can’t afford to repay 38%
  • Buying a car without knowing what’s involved 37%
  • Letting student debt accumulate 36%
  • Getting locked into fixed interest rates 29%
  • Not investing money while I’m young 26%
  • Not buying a home/property while I’m young 25%

Source: SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Images

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