Dad Scams Chili Contest Using Only Store Bought Chili

A dad is going viral on Tik Tok for winning a chili cooking contest using a secret chili.

Tik Tok user, Chanlar, shared on his profile behind the scenes of a chili cookoff exposing his dad for using Wolf Brand Chili and only Wold Brand Chili. The dad simply dumped the cans into a slow cooker, warmed it up, and served the homemade dish to the unsuspecting judges.

While this is a hilarious joke, the dad ended up WINNING the entire contest and got to leave with a huge trophy that he neatly placed in his trunk next to the empty cases of Wolf Brand Chili.

One user took to the comment to joke and say "the trophy matches the size of the lie". You can see the video down below!

Photo: Getty Images

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