You Can Buy a Two-Story House From Home Depot for $250 a Month

With inflation on the rise, people are looking to save money everywhere! Well, what if your "rent" was only $250 a month? That could be a reality thanks to Home Depot.

A Tik Tok has gone viral, with over 10 million views, showing a "house" from home depot that is only $12,629 which averages out to $252 a month.

Marcel Monroe posted the clip to his TikTok account, @marceleeeeooo, where he referenced a Facebook post that stated one can "get a house at Home Depot." This "house" refers to a structure sold by Tuff Shed, which can be found at the home improvement company.

You can see the original post below!

Now, the basic shed doesn't come with windows, a bathroom, lighting, gas, or water so you would have to renovate it with that extra money you are not paying in rent but this could be a great alternative if you are willing to get your hands dirty.

Would you do this?

Source: MSN

Photo: Getty Images

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