BMW May Soon Charge Drivers a Subscription for Heated Seats

Car brands are getting into the subscription service and those extra features may cost you...monthly.

This week saw BMW announce several features of its all-new Operating System 7 and a complex new subscription model.

Now we don't know what features will have a subscription and how much it may cost customers, but BMW did reveal that "features like advanced driver assistance systems, augmented sports exhaust sounds, adaptive M suspension and, yes, heated seats, could be offered on a subscription basis, with periods mentioned ranging from one month to three years", according to Forbes.

And if you are wondering if you still have to pay for the features, since they are installed in the car, even if you never use them...the answer is yes.

Obviously customers are not thrilled to hear this news. One user took to Tik Tok to share her thoughts on the news and that video has over 400K views.

So let's see if this new system stick around.

Source: Forbes

Photo: Getty Images

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