The Best Salad to Make Right Now

Now that the weather is warmer, a lot of people like to eat lighter and healthier, and for many, that includes a salad. But not any old salad will do. In fact, for many, salads need to include certain things in order for them to be perfect.

A new Fresh Express survey finds:

  • The average American eats four salads a week.
  • 62% say salad is part of their regular diet.
  • 27% eat salad in order to get all their veggies in one meal, while 24% say it’s a healthy meal option and 15% say it’s because they are easy to make.

So, what makes the perfect salad?

  • Well, 48% of Americans do believe there is such a thing as the “ultimate salad.”
  • Starting with the lettuce, 15% of people say iceberg should be the base for the ultimate salad, followed by spinach (14%) and romaine (13%).
  • 78% say the ultimate salad needs to be chopped, with dressing (60%), and loaded with toppings (51%).
  • Important fruit and veggie toppings include:
    • Tomatoes (18%)
    • Cucumber (17%)
    • Carrots (16%)
  • Plus there should be crunchy toppings, such as
    • Croutons (36%)
    • Walnuts (33%)
    • Almonds (33%)
  • And savory toppings like
    • Eggs (46%)
    • Seeds (45%)
    • Cheddar cheese (45%)
  • And of course, folks are particular about dressings. The most popular dressings for the ultimate salad include:
    • Balsamic vinaigrette (13%)
    • Blue cheese (12%)
    • Ranch (11%)

Source: SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Images

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