Try This "Rule Of Three" Technique To Set Boundaries

It’s important to set boundaries in every type of relationship whether that be personal, professional, or romantic. But, it’s not always easy. TikToker Kelsey, who goes by @heymisskelsey is sharing her “rule of three” technique for setting boundaries.

In the vid, Kelsey is casually applying makeup while she talks to her followers. “Something that has really helped me establish boundaries with people is my rule of three,” she began. “If I have to tell you something once, okay, I’m telling you once. I’m bringing up the problem. I’m establishing the boundary or the issue that I’m having.”

She then continued, “If I have to tell you twice, okay, I’m telling you twice, I’m going to give people the same grace that I would like to be given. So, if I really care about you, I don’t mind bringing up something twice. But if I have to tell you something three times, you can kiss my whole entire Black a*s and I will cut you off without warning.”

Why does this rule of three actually work? Kelsey explained that too. “I love this tip because when I cut somebody off, I never hear from them again because they know exactly why I’m not talking to them. It’s also a great way to see who respects you and who doesn’t and if you don’t respect me, you don’t take my feelings into consideration, then we have no business being friends.”

Source: heymisskelsey on TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

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