Why You Shouldn’t Sleep In Your Engagement Ring

Do you wear your engagement ring all the time, even to sleep? Some people never take theirs off, but that might not be such a good idea, according to one expert. A video from Olive Ave Jewelry on TikTok explains why we should take our diamond rings off before bed every night.

The clip says some people say it’s perfectly fine to sleep in your ring, but encourages viewers to “take it from us” that it’s not. The jewelers warn that it’s a bad idea to wear your engagement ring to bed because “the friction of it being rubbed against the fabric causes stones to fall out.”

“Gold is a soft metal and can lift or break when caught or snagged on bedding,” Olive Ave explains. “The prongs on your ring may wear down.” And while most of us would do just about anything to avoid the stones falling out of our rings, some people commented with strong opinions about never removing their rings:

  • “A ring is not a ring unless you can accidentally smack your fiancé in the face with it rolling around in bed,” writes one.
  • Another share, “If I took a ring off at bedtime I would lose it within the first two weeks.”
  • “No way. Til death man,” comments a third. “I’ll get her serviced every 3 months.”

Source: The Sun

Photo: Getty Images

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