Six Ways You May Be Rushing Yourself Out of a Relationship

It happens. You find the perfect person and you will do anything you can to have/keep them. Well, you can actually be scaring them off! Here are six ways you may be rushing yourself out of a relationship instead of in one.

  1. You tell everyone, including him/her, that you’re a couple. If it’s only been a few weeks, and you’re saying you’re a couple, yikes.
  2. You keep asking him/her how he/she feels. Let them communicate however they feel comfortable doing so.
  3. You already act jealous. Don’t constantly keep asking where they are, what they’re doing, or who they’re with.
  4. You’re needy and demanding. You bug them or worse, turn up places you know they are without a heads up.
  5. You’re seriously high maintenance. You expect too much from him/her too soon.
  6. You think you’re all he/she needs. Do not try and stop him/her from seeing friends, pursuing interests, or focus on job.

Source: Your Tango

Photo: Getty Images

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