ALDI Wants To Throw You A Wedding

When many engaged couples start looking for a wedding venue they want to find a place that truly reflects them. Well, if any newly engaged couple happens to be an ALDI fan, they’re now in luck. The grocery chain is ready to hold its first wedding. 

ALDI is giving one couple a chance to say “I Do” at one of their stores. The wedding will take place at ALDI US HQ in Batavia, Illinois, which will be transformed into a wedding-ready event for the couple and 50 guests, with the ceremony officiated by an ALDI employee, and pictures taken in front of the store. There will also be a reception with ALDI food and beverages, along with a branded wedding cake made with Baker’s Corner ingredients. They will even offer custom wedding favors, with the chain giving the happy couple a wedding gift of free groceries for a year.

"Every time our shoppers include us in one of their big moments, we feel the #ALDILove," Kate Kirkpatrick, Director of Communications at ALDI USA, says. "We're showing our #ALDILove in return by giving one crazy-in-love-with-ALDI couple an opportunity to celebrate the ultimate life milestone with us."

So, how do you become ALDI’s first wedding couple? From now through August 17th, couples can go to Happily Ever ALDI and share their special love story in a short essay and explain why they should be the ALDI wedding couple.

Source: Business Insider

Photo: Getty Images

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