Struggles Only Type-A People Will Understand

Do you have a Type-A personality? There are so many pros to being Type-A like getting stuff done, remembering what people say, fighting for what you believe in, and more. But, there are some struggles that others who aren’t Type-A just won’t understand! Here are eleven of them.

  1. Waiting is the equivalent of torture.
  2. Laziness isn’t part of the routine.
  3. There’s no tolerance for people who wear pajamas everywhere.
  4. You’re unable to play games in relationships.
  5. You understand the importance of an RSVP.
  6. Clutter is a big no-no. You may even want to clean your friend’s messy homes.
  7. You hate people who do things last minute.
  8. At a restaurant, you pile the plates for the busboy and can’t stand when others leave their tables a mess.
  9. You hate procrastination – both people who do it and people who never try.
  10. Accomplishing nothing is heartbreaking.
  11. You don’t like to lose.

Source: Your Tango

PHOTO: Getty Images

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