Parents Say Kids Should be Allowed More Independence By Age 12

It’s never easy to admit our kids are growing up and can do things for themselves, but while most parents agree on what age that begins to happen, they aren’t necessarily ready for that.

A new British survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • 57% of parents think kids should be allowed more independence when they turn 12.
  • But even if that’s true, 24% of parents admit they aren’t emotionally ready to let go.
  • Another 17% say they aren’t ready for their child to grow up.
  • And 16% have real concerns about giving their kids some freedom. 

But not all parents are hesitant to let go.

  • 37% of moms and dads say they are actually looking forward to when their child grows up.
  • Thanks to social media, the Internet, etc. 46% of parents say their kids are becoming independent at a younger age.
  • In fact, 30% actually think parents should give their kids some independence by age 10.
  • And only 7% say a kid has to be 18 or older to get some freedom from mom and dad. 
  • So what are some indicators that kids are growing up? Well, according to parents they include:
    • Choosing their own haircut
    • Getting a mobile phone
    • Being left to do their own homework
    • Walking to school alone
    • Expressing their own opinions
    • Getting ready for school on their own
    • Managing, spending and saving money

Source: Metro UK

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