Cities With The Worst Traffic

Is time in traffic a huge part of your decision as to where to live? If yes, the “2021 Urban Mobility Report” is for you. The report broke down traffic data for major, medium-sized and small cities and then put them into annual person-hours of delay per commuter. Here are the top three cities, in each category, where drives spend the most time in traffic. 

Very Large Cities

  1. New York City and surrounding area: 56 hours
  2. Boston and surrounding area: 50 hours
  3. Houston: 49 hours 

Large Average Areas

  1. Austin, Texas: 41 hours
  2. Sacramento, California: 38 hours
  3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: 35 hours 

Medium Average Areas and Cities

  1. The Bridgeport-Stamford area of Connecticut: 40 hours
  2. Albany and Schenectady, N.Y.: 33 hours
  3. El Paso, Texas: 32 hours 

Small Average Areas

  1. Little Rock, Arkansas: 33 hours
  2. Jackson, Mississippi: 29 hours
  3. Beaumont, Texas: 28 hours

Source: 2021 Urban Mobility Report

Photo: Getty Images

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