Grocery Store Employee's Hacks On Saving Money While Shopping

The price of groceries has skyrocketed recently. Being a better and smarter shopper is more important now than ever. Thankfully, the “Buzzfeed Community” is filled with grocery store employees, who shared grocery store secrets that can help make you a better shopper.

  • "I’m a cashier at a grocery store. Sometimes people get items for free because the computers are old and miss things. If there’s an item not on your receipt, there’s a 50% chance we knew about it and just let it go because of the hassle to fix it and charge you."
  • "I work at an upscale local grocery chain, and they have these small, 90-cent candies. I’ve started not to charge people for them, and also, if someone buys diapers, I make them half-price. The store has plenty of money; they won’t miss 90 cents."
  • "I’m a convenience store owner. A couple of things: We generally buy products ABOVE what Walmart sells them for. We add our margin, and that’s the price you pay. Of course, it’s cheaper at Walmart — they buy in much larger quantities. I pay $21 to sell a $22 case of beer."
  • "Cashier here! If you’re genuinely kind or have a nice conversation with me, I’ll usually take a few dollars off your total with ‘surprise coupons.' If I see someone, especially younger, buying contraception, I’ll always take at least $5 off it. I don’t have a problem changing prices for people who bring up a price difference, but if you’re being an asshole about it, I will go through the trouble of looking it up or calling my manager over to check it out; I will waste your time for being a dick."

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Source: Buzzfeed

Photo: Getty Images

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