Mom Hit With Cleaning Bill After Giving Birth In Taxi

No matter how well you’ve prepared or how precise your birth plan is, the baby doesn’t care and will come when it’s ready. A 26-year-old mom in the U.K. recently learned this the hard way. Farrah Cacanindin was on her way to the hospital for a routine checkup when she suddenly felt labor pains kick in and her water broke five minutes into the 13-mile trip.

“The driver asked if I wanted him to pull over,” she recalls, “but I said to keep going as I believed I would make it before she was born.” Unfortunately, she was wrong. Her daughter, Naia, was born in the back of the moving taxi as the driver called ahead to give Farrah’s doctors an update. “When we got to the hospital, midwives were waiting and were shocked,” she says.

The upside is that because everything happened so quickly, the mom of two says she “didn’t have a chance to be scared.” And as if delivering your own baby in the back of a taxi isn’t bad enough, Farrah was hit with a bill for the mess it caused. Days after giving birth, she says she got an invoice from the taxi company for more than $100, which includes a $69 cleaning fee and the $34 cab fare. “I understand that I did make a mess,” she says, “but it’s a bit cheeky to have charged me.”

Source: NY Post

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