The Worst Ways People Were Fired

There have been tons of layoffs happening recently from lots of major companies like Twitter, Salesforce, Amazon, and more. Naturally, the internet has been abuzz about toxic work cultures and layoffs. People of the “Buzzfeed Community” are sharing their stories of how they were laid off from a job in the worst way possible and here’s what they had to say.

  • "My fiancée and I used to work in the same company (that's how we met). He got laid off without notice on a Monday and on Tuesday, I got called to HR. The HR person said 'Congratulations, we are moving you to a different department due to staff cuts.' They offered me my fiancée's former job because 'he might help me.' I was furious but couldn't afford to lose the job. I started applying for new jobs that day. I got an offer two weeks after, and I sent my notice a day before new staff cuts were announced."
  • "I worked for a clinic for several years. I always got positive reviews, no reprimands, etc. I went out on maternity leave. On my first day back, they allowed me to work for an hour, then brought me in to say that my position had been eliminated. They knew it was illegal to fire me while on maternity leave, so they had to allow me to come back to work. They then renamed my position and gave the job to the CEO’s daughter. It was the exact same job duties, just with a different name."
  • "I was laid off from my job ON MY BIRTHDAY!! The worst part is they had given me cake, we chatted, we went back to work, and then 30 minutes later, I’m called to the conference room where I got told I was being laid off. To this day, I’m still upset about it."
  • "My mother passed away in 2016. I was off work for one week, went back, and was told I took too much time off and they let me go. When she had her first stroke a year before that, another employer fired me the day she got out of the rehab hospital via text."

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Source: Buzzfeed

 Photo: Getty Images

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