Everything You Need To Know About Amy Robach and TJ Holmes' Drama

Magnetic “Good Morning America” anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes have been together on-air for two years now. But now it appears that the pair are together off-air as well- even while married to others.

The "Daily Mail" has published a series of pics (and a vid) that follows Robach and Holmes to multiple rendezvous all around New York City and, two weeks before Thanksgiving, a seemingly romantic cabin getaway in Upstate New York.

The photos contain images of the new couple giggling and laughing in close proximity, Holmes giving Robach a little tush tap and the co-anchors even going to careful lengths to cover their tracks. There's also a snap of them holding hands in an Uber.

  • But further information about the “GMA 3” hosts continues to pour in from everywhere. Page Six reports the relationship began in March as they trained for the New York City half marathon together. And though neither left their spouses- both of 12 years- until August, Robach and Holmes were spotted together in public as early as May.
  • And US Magazine noted an interesting development, Holmes posted a photo on Instagram earlier this week that read: “End the relationship and cry once. It’s better than being with them and crying daily.” Holmes has since deleted the post, as well as his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

However, People reports “that there was no overlap” between Robach and Holmes’s romantic connection and their marriages.

Regularly scheduled programming has never been so awkward. “Good Morning America” third hour (“GMA3”) hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes returned to their anchor chairs after news broke of their off-camera relationship.

Either way, Robach’s actor husband Andrew Shue has now scrubbed his Insta of everything his wife was in. That includes a promo of “Better Together!,” the book the pair wrote together in 2021.

Source: US Magazine

Photo: Getty Images

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