Is It Safe To Skip Wearing Underwear

On the “Today with Hoda & Jenna” show, going commando was the top topic.

During a recent episode of the “Today with Hoda & Jenna” show, Hoda Kotb revealed a very personal detail about her co-host. Hoda told the audience that Jenna Bush Hager “never wears underwear.” And despite being what we can only assume was a little embarrassed, Jenna defended her preference for going commando, saying, “I think it makes a more pretty silhouette.”

Jenna went on to say there are a lot of pros to not wearing undies, but Hoda disagrees, telling Us Magazine,” “It’s gross.” While the ladies joked about it, Hoda pointed out that a “Today” styling team supervisor takes Jenna’s side on the debate. So is it safe to go without underwear or not? The short answer is yes, it’s fine to follow the former first daughter’s lead and skip undies.

“Whether or not someone chooses to wear underwear is really a matter of comfort,” says Dr. Jill Purdie, an Ob-Gyn. She explains that there’s no medical reason to wear or not wear underwear, despite the longstanding popular belief that women should wear all-cotton undies or none at night to help the skin breathe and prevent infection. “In reality, you can wear any type of underwear you like - or skip it - as long as you don’t wear a pair that is ill-fitting, or chafes,” the doctor says.

  • The one exception? Dr. Purdie says the one time it “might be recommended to wear underwear” is right after hair removal, like waxing, which can cause “micro trauma” to the skin, allowing bacteria to enter, which can possibly cause infection. So she says “wearing comfortably fitting, breathable underwear immediately after hair removal would be advisable.”

Source: Shape

Photo: Getty Images

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