#TRENDING - “Birthing Makeup”

Getting glammed up may be the last thing on your mind when you go into labor, but for some women? It’s their top priority. While women wearing makeup in the delivery room when they’re about to have a baby is nothing new, “birthing makeup” is now a trend on social media with millions of views under hashtags like #birthingmakeup and #labormakeup.

A search on TikTok will show you thousands of videos of soon-to-be moms sitting in their hospital gowns while they walk followers through their pre-birth makeup routine. And since post-birth photography has never been so popular, it makes sense to be camera-ready if you want to document and share the whole experience. But surprisingly, the whole “birthing makeup” trend has people divided.

Critics call it out for pressuring women to live up to a certain standard during birth, but some women see it as a form of self-care. Others feel it’s a form of empowerment or at least a welcome distraction. And it’s not just makeup, some mamas are getting everything from fake tans to lash extensions to blowouts just before they give birth. As one mom on TikTok put it, "I did my makeup before birthing my baby. I wanted to meet the queen in full face.” 

Source: MamaMia

Photo: Getty Images

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