How Much Homes From Your Favorite Movies Are Worth

Ever wonder how much the homes of your favorite on-screen characters would cost in real life? Thanks to a team of expert realtors from San Diego, we now have an idea. They’re revealing the value of some of the most iconic homes we’ve seen in movies and TV shows.

Using zip codes, the realtors calculated the average price of similar homes in the same area, to come up with how much it would cost to buy the house if it was for sale today. Of course, some of these homes don’t really exist, but these prices give us an idea of what they would go for.

This is how much it would cost to live in these movie and TV dream homes:

  • “Murder She Wrote” - a five-bedroom property similar to Jessica Fletcher’s in Maine, where she supposedly lived, would be around - $700-thousand.
  • “The Notebook” - The home used as Noah’s house project in the movie is actually located in Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, and a similar property with five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a piece of land would cost about $480-thousand.
  • “Frasier” - A modern Seattle 3-bedroom apartment like the one featured in the show would cost about $1.5-million today.
  • “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” - According to the real estate experts, a five-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion similar to the one Will Smith’s family lived in would set you back $9-million.
  • “Home Alone” - That iconic brick house where Kevin fought off a pair of burglars is located in a Chicago suburb and a similar home with six bedrooms and five bathrooms would cost an estimated $3.5-million now.
  • “The Holiday” - A two-bedroom cottage like the one in England Kate Winslet lived in would come in around $2.45-million, according to the property pros.
  • “Friends” - Monica’s apartment from the show was supposed to be in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood and the experts say it would cost about $2-million today.
  • “Sex and The City” - Another iconic New York City apartment was the brownstone Carrie lived in on the Upper East Side and realtors say a similar one would go for about $700-thousand.
  • The Dursley’s house from “Harry Potter” - The home on Privet Drive where young Harry lived in a cupboard under the stairs belonged to his dreadful aunt and uncle and a similar three-bedroom, two-bath property would sell for around $615-thousand if it went on the market today.

Source: Daily Mail

Photo: Getty Images

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