TikToker Helps Food Truck Make $30K In 24 Hours

A popular Vegas food reviewer helps a struggling food truck owner bring in $30-thousand in one day. We told you recently about Keith Lee, the TikTok food reviewer whose viral reviews have instantly reversed the fortunes of struggling Vegas restaurants. Well, this time Lee has reviewed a food truck specializing in seafood and overnight, Lee’s followers sent the owner over $30-thousand through CashApp.

While on a late-night bike ride through Vegas last week, Lee came upon a lonely food truck and the foodie in him had to check it out. Once he got a look at the menu though, he realized the food truck specialized in seafood and his severe shellfish allergy meant it was a no-go. But the owner of the food truck, Gary Shanks said that if Lee came back the next day, he’d make him a burger and fries with fresh oil and clean utensils, so Lee goes home and comes back the next day.

After his visit, Lee posts about the experience at Southern Taste Seafood on his TikTok. He says Shanks tried to give him the burger for free, but the notoriously generous TikToker wouldn’t have it. After getting his burger, Lee sends Shanks $450 to his CashApp and the owner is brought to tears by Lee’s kindness. Lee goes on to give the fries an 8.9/10 for their spices and a 9.5/10 for the burger which he says was juicy, cheesy, and “immaculate.” The video has been viewed over 25 million times and less than 24 hours after Lee posted it, his followers had sent Shanks over $30-thousand via CashApp. Before Lee’s review, Shanks was lucky to do $200 a day, but since then he says his business has increased by 900%. “It’s God-sent," Shanks says. "That’s what I’ll say.”

Source: Today

Photo: Getty Images

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