Are You A Restless Sleeper?

While everyone knows that today is St. Patrick’s Day, did you know that March 17th, 2023 is also World Sleep Day? It certainly doesn’t get as much attention and no one’s throwing any parades for it, but a new survey looks at how Americans sleep and finds many of us aren’t getting enough of it.

The poll of 2-thousand adults conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Purple Innovation, reveals:

  • Only one in 10 respondents feels refreshed every day when they wake up.
  • The majority of Americans (42%) prefer to sleep on their sides, with just 18% favoring back sleeping and 17% preferring to snooze on their stomach.
  • But 22% of those polled say they switch up their sleeping position every single night.
  • Millennials are most likely to report their sleep quality as “good,” as 73% of them do compared to just 66% of all respondents.
  • Just over half (53%) have tried to change their sleep position, most commonly to ease soreness (28%) or improve the quality of their sleep (28%).
  • The most common sleeping positions are the “yearner” - on their side, with their arms out (43%), the “freefaller” - on their stomach with their arms outstretched (40%) and the “soldier” - on their back with arms at their side (39%).
  • And people say they need an average of three pillows to sleep comfortably.

Source: SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Images

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