This Luxury Retreat Cost $21K For New Moms

After you have a baby and head home from the hospital, life can be pretty hectic for new moms. But in Asia, they have a postpartum tradition that sounds a lot more relaxing.

It’s called postpartum confinement and it typically starts after the baby is born and lasts from 28 to 42 days. It’s a period of recovery for mothers to heal, while caring for and bonding with their newborns and while it’s usually done in their home, there are retreats new moms and babies can go to. A new one, Kai Singapore, has women paying more than $21-thousand to spend a month at the VIP retreat with their newborns.

During their 28-day stay at the confinement hotel, new moms can sleep on 600-thread count sheets, stretch at yoga studios and get pampered in the hair salon or spa. The mothers can enjoy nutritious restaurant-style meals designed to build their strength back up. And while they rest and recuperate, nurses or nannies on staff take care of feeding, bathing and changing their babies

Source: Insider

Photo: Getty Images

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